Animals sure are having a big news day; the latest word is that the city is getting some pressure put on it to construct full-service animal shelters that reach all five boroughs.

"The decision, handed down last week by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Marilyn Shafer, gives the city 60 days to come up with a plan for 'immediate implementation' of the law signed in 2000." This is a result of non-profit Stray from the Heart's lawsuit against the city, saying its "neglectful policies resulted in 'needless suffering and death of homeless cats and dogs.'" The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (who is also on the hook for not living up to its promises with the carriage horses) has not provided the shelter space required by statute.

While there are full-service shelters in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island—Queens and the Bronx only have part-time receiving centers with staggered hours. The city says they would like to have the recent decision reviewed by an appellate court.

In other animal news: some cuties have made it into the new New York Lottery commercial (after the jump).