Bad news for spoiled air travelers who think they're entitled to seats that don't come loose mid-flight—American Airlines says it has found "improperly secured" passenger seats on a total of six jets in the wake of a crazy incident on Saturday, when an entire row of seats became completely dislodged soon after takeoff on a flight from Boston to Miami. The Post reported that the seats "dangerously slid around like a carnival ride," and one passenger told ABC News, "The seats flipped backwards and so people were essentially on the laps of the passengers behind them, with their legs up in the air." Of course, this is a great opportunity for the struggling airline to start offering Priority Upskirt Seating.

That flight had to make an emergency landing at JFK, and a day later another American Airlines flight from JFK to Miami turned back after takeoff because of loose seats on the Boeing 757. And yesterday the airline released a statement saying it had found loose seats on half a dozen aircraft. "Our maintenance and engineering teams have discovered that the root cause is a saddle clamp improperly installed on the foot of the row leg," the says the airline's parent company AMR Corp., which owns American Eagle. But it makes you wonder what else is coming unhinged on their planes, besides their flight attendants, amirite?

Reuters also notes that the airline is locked into a long-running labor dispute with its 8,000 pilots, who are expected to authorize a strike this week. The airline, whose parent company filed for bankruptcy last year, has suffered an increasing number of flight delays and labor disputes, but American insists the loose seats debacle is not the result of union retaliation. Instead, they're blaming it on a shoddy subcontractor. Because what could be more American than that?