2007_11_dachshund.jpgWhat's today's salacious claim about Anthony Marshall, who was recently indicted for allegedly mishandling his mother Brooke Astor's estate? That he hated his mother's dear dogs so much, he wanted them dead!

Rush & Molloy spoke to a source who claims Marshall "wanted to put them to sleep." "Them" being Astor's dachshunds Boysie and Girlsie. When Marshal's own son originally claimed his father was not properly caring for Astor, it was mentioned that Marshall wouldn't allow the dogs to visit Astor. Though Marshall denied that claim (he and his wife happen to have a dachshund), a judge did make him hire a dog walker to care for the dogs.

When Astor died in August, her guardian, Annette de la Renta, put the dogs in the care of a dachshund breeder. de la Renta's lawyer told Rush & Molloy the reason why the dogs weren't given to Marshall "had nothing to do with him wanting to put them to sleep." Hmm - did Boysie and Girlsie get anything in Astor's will, the way Maltese dog Trouble Helmsley landed $12 million?

And there has been some talk of a deal between Marshall and the Manhattan DA's office.