As the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) investigates how on earth a print ad and a commercial recreating 9/11 (with more planes) got through any stage of the approval process, AnimalNY points to a new ad that's just as tasteless. They report that another Omnicom agency (BBDO Moscow) created a "digital papercraft Twin Towers project for the Moscow News ... a free weekly English language paper founded in 1930 by American socialist Anna Louise Strong." C'mon Russia, it's not like we're over here hocking Diet Coke with some imagery of Moscow burning in 1812 (no matter how refreshing a cola would have been after Napoleon's invasion).

Just as DDB Brazil did, this agency also channeled another disaster—not the Tsunami, but Hiroshima. The campaign is called "Things hard to explain, in a language you understand." What language should New Yorkers use to explain to these agencies that 9/11 imagery shouldn't be used in advertising?