2008_10_suozzi.jpgBesides talk of Rudy Giuliani being wooed to run for Governor of New York in 2010, there are a variety of outcomes from Governor David Paterson's campaign. The Daily News breaks down talk of how Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi (who ran against Eliot Spitzer in the 2006 Democratic primary) as a potential running mate for Paterson, and what that means for Attorney General Andrew Cuomo (who quit the primary in 2002). But one Democratic insider said picking Suozzi isn't a sure thing, "David's people aren't going to make any decisions about what they want to do until they know what they're trying to do. If they run against an upstate businessman, they'll get an upstater. If they run against a woman, they'll get a woman. If they run against Rudy [Giuliani], they'll get someone with money."