A disgruntled mail-handler at Kennedy Airport stabbed his supervisor several times utilizing both scissors and moral certitude yesterday afternoon. David Barnett, 55, a 16-year postal working veteran, had a long-standing beef with supervisor Doris Lloyd, 65, even telling one co-worker that day, "If we have problems today, I'm gonna kill her."

It seems they did have problems, since Barnett soon jumped Lloyd at the sorting facility in JFK's Building 250 with blunt-edged scissors, stabbing her at least seven times in the head, neck and arms. Another employee, Pedro Mangehebre, 51, jumped in and restrained Barnett till cops arrived. Lloyd was taken to Jamaica hospital, where she is expected to survive, while Barnett was charged with assault, possession of a weapon and attempted murder. Whatever beef had been brewing between the two, Barnett held tightly to his position immediately after the stabbing, allegedly screaming as police took him away, "I know what I did was legally wrong, but I was morally right!"