In the crossroads of the "Can't Beat 'Em, So Join 'Em" chronicles and the "____ Diner, R.I.P." annals, there's is the Moondance Diner. The NY Sun reports the SoHo fixture will be razed for - you guessed it - luxury condos. But that's not all: Moondance owner Sunil "Sunny" Sharma was originally going to sell the property, but decided to develop it himself with Extell's Gary Barnett and others.

Plans for a 66,743 square foot building have been approved, though it's unclear how tall (it's zoned for up to 9 floors). It's even possible that the Moondance will shine again on the first floor of the future building; Sharma says, "There are not going to be any more diners," but we're guessing he means the one-story standalone diners that seem to only exist on the outskirts (there are a couple in Hell's Kitchen, off 11th Avenue).

Broker Eric Anton, who listed the Moondance site, says that West SoHo is more attractive than center SoHo, a.k.a. Tourist SoHo. We can't wait for the Gangs of WeSoHo and CeSoHo to rumble! Imaginary gangs aside, many community groups are worried about the development of West SoHo. The SoHo Alliance's Sean Sweeney is worried about more residents and the lack of parking spaces. Our idea: Anyone who moves into new developments in West SoHo can't have a car!

Forgotten NY has a nice, if sad, page on diners in New York City.

Photograph by Adam Kuban/Slice on Flickr