Martin Scorsese has produced and narrated a documentary about the Statue of Liberty that will air tomorrow night, January 15, on the History Channel. "Lady by the Sea," will be part of a commercial-free, three hour block of programming devoted to the Statue of Liberty, in an effort to raise the $5 million need to reopen the monument. The Statute of Liberty has been closed since September 11, 2001, due to security financing and other construction issues. American Express teamed up with Scorsese to create the documentary and spearhead fundraising; if you donate $100 to the American Express led fund, you get a DVD of the documentary. The Daily News donated $100,000 to reopening the SoL, and encourages its readers to donate as "Daily News readers," later being mentioned in a DN Roll of Honor.

And revised designs for the WTC site memorial have been released by the LMDC, trying to address all of the earlier concerns from the jury and others involved. While we are irrationally freaked out by the renderings of trees against the Freedom Tower, sure, go with it, just start keep moving forward. greg.org poses the best guess behind why this design was chosen: "Only the most pared down concept could support all the additions they foresaw. Nice idea, but can it work?"