This week the Yankees officially began moving from their old digs into the new Yankee Stadium. The process began Monday when members of the 1998 championship team helped move home plate, the pitching rubber and pails of dirt across the street into the new ballpark.

After that came the process of digging up of Monument Park, the collection of monuments, plaques and retired numbers that pay tribute to Yankees past as well as historic events such as pope visits and 9/11. Jason Zillo, the director of the operation told WCBS Radio that "time is not an issue" and the process is expected to take a couple of weeks to move the monuments that weigh several hundreds of pounds each. While the old Monument Park being removed is situated behind the left-center field fence, the new one will be located behind centerfield.

Yesterday saw the transportation of what is probably the most famous of all the monuments, the one commemorating Babe Ruth. It is inscribed with the words: "a great ballplayer, a great man, a great American."