2004_04_waprilmayjune.gifRemember April, May and June, Daisy Duck's nieces? Yeah, me neither. Gothamist does remember a few girls from her school days named April, and wonders why it's one of the only months parents name their kids after. April (like Leslie) seems a quintessentially 70s name, harkening back to a more innocent time of sticker books and afternoons spent watching Puttin' on the Hits. A continued trek down memory lane made Gothamist remember some other wacky weather-y girls names from her youth: Misty, whose mother had an crazy pug; Meadow, the sassy upperclassman with the red hair; Raina, her tap instructor's daughter, and Stormy. Okay--Gothamist didn't know Stormy personally, but you get the idea.

A quick search of the Social Security Administration's popular baby names database reveals that April did peak in popularity somewhere between 1970-1979. (Individual years are searchable from 1990-on.) During that time frame, April was the 34th most popular girls name. Since, April has fallen: to 40th in the 1980s, 121st in the 1990s, and, by 2002, had bottomed out to 258th. Incidentally, Gothamist searched the Top 1000 for Avril, but the Canadian sassanista's impact has yet to be felt on the baby name charts. (Remind Gothamist to check back again in, oh, ten years.)

Another cool name site that culls Social Security data along with some computer-generated results (like "most volatile"), international statistics and etymology is Behind the Name. It goes without saying that April means, well, born in April. April, in turn, gets its name from the Latin aperire, or "to open," in honor of the month's blooming buds.

On a related note, what the hell is January Jones doing with Josh Groban?