Besides a jailhouse interview with the man who admitted to killing four people at a Long Island pharmacy, Newsday has a disturbing article about how a Suffolk County detective actually wanted to remove guns from David Laffer months before the massacre, but his recommendation was ignored: "Despite the warning of Det. Kenneth Ripp, who interviewed Laffer at his home, the pistol bureau said Laffer could keep the guns -- including the registered .45 pistol Laffer used to later murder four people at Haven Drugs in Medford in June -- and that the bureau would investigate, according to a police report by Ripp."

Laffer, a former Army vet, pleaded guilty to the killing Haven Drugs worker Jennifer Mejia, 17; pharmacist Raymond Ferguson, 45; and customers Bryon Sheffield, 71, and Jamie Taccetta, 33 earlier this month. His wife Melinda Brady was his getaway driver and was charged as an accomplice to the violent robbery; the pair was motivated by her addition to painkillers. Apparently prior to the June killing, Detectives Ripp and his partner William Peeker were investigating a report from Laffer's mother, who said over $8,000 was missing from her bank account. But by the time Ripp and Peeker arrived at her house, Laffer confessed to taking her bank card and money:

Standing in her kitchen, distraught and crying, Palma Laffer refused to press charges against her son, the records show.

"I do not want him arrested and request no further action from the Suffolk County Police Department," Palma Laffer said in a statement she gave to police that day...

...Ripp then asked Laffer to step onto the driveway and questioned him, according to police reports. Laffer told him that both he and his mother had registered guns in the home. Laffer told him the guns were secure in a safe, as required by law. Ripp then called the Pistol Licensing Bureau from Laffer's home and said the guns should be removed.

Ripp's lawyer tells Newsday, "The police department had this guy and could have done something in January. It's not to say he couldn't have bought a gun on the street, but one of the guns used in the homicides was on his permit."

Newsday only obtained the information after filing a series of Freedom of Information requests for details related to the Laffer case. The Suffolk County Police Department only said, "Prior to the horrific murders at Haven Drugs, the Suffolk County Police Department received no information from any source indicating that Mr. Laffer was a drug abuser. Any information or allegations of acts of violence or illegal drug use brought to the attention of the police department would have been forwarded to the Pistol License Bureau, and would have caused an immediate investigation and a suspension of a pistol license issued to a person accused of either act."