The end of 2014 also marks the impending end of your paltry $2.50 MetroCard, with the MTA planning to gift us all with a fare hike sometime in March. But exactly how much will your dreaded commute cost you in the upcoming Year of the Sheep? Though the MTA hasn't made any official announcement yet, rumors are FLYING, with some "sources" whispering that base fare will hit $2.75 and monthly MetroCards will be $116.50.

The Daily News and the Post both claim that the MTA's shopping around two fare-hike proposals. One, according to the tabloids' sources, keep base fare at $2.50, while slashing that 5 percent bonus. The second would set base fare at $2.75, though that would bump the bonus up to 11 percent.

For both options, though, 7-Day cards would climb up a dollar to $31, and 30-Day cards would rise from $112 to $116.50. These fare hikes are nowhere near as scary as the 7.5 percent spike we were promised back in the dark weeks following 2013's fare hikes, where monthly MetroCards were expected to cost as much as $120.

And it seems like there are always pre-hike rumors that make commuters believe fares will be even higher than they are, so once the actual hikes are in place, we feel like we dodged a bigger bullet. As Straphangers Campaign president Gene Russianoff told the Daily News, "No increase would be better, but riders aren’t getting mugged by either approach." Still, nobody's psyched about getting slapped with another fare raise. "I think it's expensive now," one commuter told ABC 7. "Already, it's just like a car payment (for a monthly ticket)."

MTA spokesperson Adam Lisberg says the agency won't confirm or deny any fare rumors. "The MTA has been clear that it will keep future fare and toll increases to the rate of inflation, but our proposals are not final," he told us in an email. The agency is expected to vote on the proposals after a public hearing period in December, and you can peruse alternate forms of transportation at any of these handy local bike shops in the meantime.