Residents of Montauk say their idyllic hamlet has been sullied by drunk weekend visitors who run amok through the town, urinating all over everyone's hydrangeas before sexing each other right there on the sidewalk. And now, they've TAKEN A STAND—officials have agreed to crack down on weekend partying, with plans in place to issue more summonses for belligerent behavior, among other things.

Last week, a group of fed-up Montauk residents spoke at an East Hampton Town Board meeting, urging authorities to do something about the "loud, obnoxious people" who flood Montauk on weekends and party late. The group, dubbed Montauk Locals, called for a 2 a.m. bar curfew, along with the shutdown of particularly rowdy nightclubs, more stringent car towing policies, and a mandatory registry for weekend visitors.

Police say they're cracking down on wild partying, issuing 74 town code violations, 51 parking violations and 34 traffic tickets over the weekend—they also made seven arrests. Officials say they may require nightclub and bar owners to count their patrons to keep numbers down, in addition to other measures.

This is a relief for some residents, who say local nightspots like the Sloppy Tuna (yum) are turning Montauk into their own personal toilet. “They clearly do not have the sanitary capabilities for the amount of people that they’re drawing and they use any bush or anything they can find to relieve themselves,” one Sloppy Tuna neighbor told CBS News. “That’s often times my front yard.” Last week, residents also complained to the Post that visitors were having wild sex in public, since it's unpleasant to have to step over a pair of intertwined bodies while taking the trash out on a Sunday morning.

But a moment of clarification: previous efforts to document this crisis have labeled weekend visitors as "hipsters," which suggests they boast a certain straw fedora-ed aesthetic and affinity for Narragansett beer (RIP, PBR). Indeed, experts say the species besieging Montauk are more akin to "yupsters," "chads," "yuccies," or "bros," commonly prone to attending beer-pong tournaments and wearing man-tanks emblazoned with the phrase, "Sun's Out Guns Out." Both are pests, of course, but require different methods of extermination.