During State Senator Hiram Monserrate's assault trial, a nurse testified that his girlfriend Karla Giraldo begged that he not be allowed into the room where doctors were examining the cuts on her face, saying, "He's crazy! He's crazy!" And an ER doctor testified that Giraldo yelled, "I can’t believe he did this to me! My face! My face! I can’t believe my face!"

The NY Times says Dr. Dawne Kort told the court, "She said they were fighting. She asked for a glass of water, and he shoved it in her face," but admitted that this was only her recollection from over two weeks after the incident. Kort added that even though Giraldo didn't want her to call the police, she did because it looked like a stab wound. (The wound required 40 stitches to close.) Another doctor's police statement said that Monserrate told him they had "had sexual intercourse and then got into an argument. She was very upset. As he was handing her the glass, he tripped and consequently the glass shattered. There was glass everywhere."

New York Magazine reports that by now even Democrats are rooting for a felony conviction for the Democratic State Senator from Queens. If he's convicted, they'll be down a vote until a special election, but Monserrate will be gone for good (and his seat will almost certainly be won by a Democrat). If he's acquitted, he'll be about as politically popular as Larry Craig was with his fellow Republicans. Worst of all would be a misdemeanor conviction, in which Monserrate could possibly attempt to keep his seat while in jail.