State Senator-elect Hiram Monserrate's girlfriend says that Monserrate didn't assault her intentionally—they just stumbled into each other! Monserrate, also a City Council member, was arrested last month after Karla Giraldo apparently told hospital staff he hit her with a broken glass. However, she refused to cooperate with the investigation and Monserrate said it was a terrible accident, "I brought her a glass of water, I leaned over and tripped."

Now, the Daily News reports that Giraldo, in an interview with the Spanish language newspaper Resumen (that her cousin publishes), explains, "He stumbled over something in the room. I was startled, and we stumbled into each other. I felt the water on my body and saw the blood on my face. He said, 'Baby, you're cut, let's go to the hospital.' When he said that to me, I got more nervous knowing that my face was cut."

As for the business card that supposedly sparked the fight, Giraldo said they didn't fight, but... "I told him that it was from a police officer friend of mine. He responded that I didn't need to have other people's cards, that in case of any emergencies that he was here to help me. He then threw the card in the garbage." State Senate Republicans don't think Monserrate should join the Senate with charges still pending; Monserrate is due in court next week.