Fancy that: State Senator Hiram Monserrate, Jesus-comparing, coup- and stalemate-causing Democrat from Queens, is using money donated to his campaign committee to pay off legal fees for his assault case. PolitickerNY reports that according to campaign filings, "Unions representing police and corrections officers contributed $2,450 to... Monserrate's campaign committee, which he in turn used to defend himself against felony assault charges stemming from" allegedly beating his girlfriend. While Monserrate denies the charges, he was indicted. Sen. Marty Golden (R-Brooklyn) said, "Sometimes elected officials have been known to use their campaign funds for legal matters because it's job-related. And then there are those that are arrested for criminal acts. He stabbed that woman in the face with a broken glass on his own time in his own apartment. It had nothing to do with government business. Anyone giving him money--especially law enforcement--for his defense should be appalled." Well, some of his fellow State Senators also gave him money! Monserrate had previously told PolitickerNY that "campaign committees routinely spend money on legal expenses that are related to the campaign, to the candidacy and to the candidate."