Former State Senator Hiram Monserrate is not stopping at boxing to remake his image, but rather is looking to be a contender of a different kind—for a seat in the State Assembly. After month-long rumors of an attempted run, The Times confirms Monserrate filed nominating petitions on Tuesday to be placed on the Democratic primary ballot. The move is notwithstanding a busy schedule of career-ruining antics that include heading a crippling coup in Albanyin June of 2009, and the coup de grâce, some domestic violence perpetrated against girlfriend Karla Giraldo in December of 2008, which led to Monserrate's removal from the State Senate.

The State Assembly seat in contention was vacated by José R. Peralta after he took over Monserrate's State Senate seat upon defeating him a special election, a role reversal that adds a touch of humility to this brazen political move. Monserrate must fight a tough battle in the September primary; the competition is Francisco Moya, a Cablevision official with the support of the Working Families Party, who also has never slashed anyone's face with broken glass.

While there are no polls on the public's support for Monserrate's bid, they would probably contain the same message as this statement made by Francisco Moya's campaign: "[Monserrate's] continued insistence on being taken seriously as a candidate is both delusional and offensive to the voters." However, we do know at least one person who'll be cheering him on: his battered, but still adoring, girlfriend.