While the debate rages on over whether it was a moose or a caribou, another new twist has emerged in the case of the tumbling taxidermy that injured a woman at a Lower East Side restaurant in October. 32-year-old Raina Kumra made headlines yesterday when she filed a lawsuit against White Slab Palace, where a moose head crashed down on her during a party. To this day she suffers from chronic neck pain, anxiety, fatigue, dizziness and embarrassment. But now it seems the 150-pound moose head may have been tampered with before it fell!

An anonymous source has come forward to tell the Daily News that he witnessed one of the partygoers tugging on a balloon tied to the moosehead's antlers. "She was pulling on the balloon. I thought, 'That looks dangerous,'" says the News's source. "The girl [Kumra] was sitting right under it." But the unidentified witness admits he turned away and did not actually witness the crucial moment when Kumra fell in a hail of moose antlers.

If it's true that foul play brought the taxidermy down, it may make White Slab Palace less liable for damages. But until a Zapruder-esque video of the accident/assassination attempt surfaces, we'll have to rely on typically unreliable eyewitness accounts. Were you in attendance at that fateful party? Is White Slab Palace owner Annika Sundvik just a patsy? Did the taxidermy knock Kumra's head back, and to the left? There's just no way we're buying this whole "single moose theory."