The famous "money train," the yellow train that would pick up money from token booths and travel in the middle of the night, had its final run on Saturday according to the NY Post. Which means no more money train musings, when we're waiting for a subway to roll in late at night - there will only be vaccuum or trash trains around. NYC Transit is bringing money pickups above ground with armored trucks, and apparently the Metrocard-ization of the subways have made the money trains more obsolete. Maybe there can be a high-concept movie about thieves trying to steal money from the MTA's coffers by hacking into various electronic banking transactions?

The website from a stunt coordinator details the Money Train stunts. And one of our favorite subway books is Gene Sansone's New York Subways, which has diagrams of all the different subway cars.

Photograph of money train from NYC Rail, which has an extensive gallery of money train photographs