Obama held his first big NYC fundraiser last night, and its being feted as a blowout success-- more than a million dollars raised, and wild adoration from his legion of fans:

Barack Obama entered the heart of Hillary Clinton country Friday night and received a hero's welcome before 2,000 adoring fans. His first presidential fundraiser in the Big Apple couldn't have gone much better.

"This campaign is not about me, it's about you," Obama told the crowd at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on 42nd Street.

Apparently competition was so heated to stand in Obama's presence that tickets were being hotly traded on Craigslist. Maybe it was all the excitement over the Obama-Clinton rivalry-- which, apparently, got kicked up a notch last night:

Sen. Barack Obama hit Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's turf last night for a megabucks Midtown fund-raiser, where his wife made thinly veiled jabs at his rival's "in it to win it" campaign slogan and called her husband "the real deal."

"I know that Barack is in this not just to win," Michelle Obama told the crowd of more than 1,500 people at a $100-per-head event at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on East 42nd Street.

"This race is not about winning, because winning isn't enough nowadays. Winning without dignity, winning it without honor, winning without authenticity and truth is not winning at all, and we're not in it for that."

And in totally silly and only partially-related news, WCBS thinks Obama is gay:


Did you go to the event last night? Was it really bigger than the Beatles?

Obama speaking last night in Midtown, Stephen Chernin/AP.