Dozens of houses in Queens and Nassau County are nearly uninhabitable after Monday's storms caused floods, broken windows, and (eww) sewer leaks. At least 100 people had to be evacuated from their homes, and an 8-foot wall section collapse ruptured a gas main. A foundation wall collapsed in the home of Shabana Patel, who said, “It was a dream house for us the two of us have worked so hard. We didn’t know something like this would destroy my home."

Residents of all but four of the 30 evacuated homes have been allowed back inside, but many found that there is not much there to save. Carmen Thomas found five feet of water in her basement, and said, "Horrible, crazy, it stinks. Sewer water—everything is all ruined." The Department of Environmental Protection said they were cleaning the "overtaxed" sewage drains. By the way, rain is continuing through Wednesday, so those in low-lying houses might want to head for higher ground.