Last week, Doreen Giuliano revealed that, after transforming herself from 46-year-old Brooklyn mother to a sexy and single 30-something transplant from California, she recorded conversations with a juror who helped convict her son John Giuca of murder--and that the juror implied he should never have been on the case! Now those conversations are the basis for a motion to overturn the verdict filed by Giuca's lawyer yesterday. The NY Times reports that the motion says juror Jason "Allo failed to reveal to the court that he knew members of the so-called Ghetto Mafia, a gang that figured prominently in the trial...The court papers also accuse Mr. Allo of reading newspaper accounts during the trial, and of being 'the first one on the jury' to vote guilty, because of information he had gathered outside the courtroom." Allo has denied the claims and the Brooklyn DA's office, whose prosecution Giuliano and even the murder victim's family have criticized, says it "will carefully review the papers and will have nothing to say until that process is completed.”