Early Saturday morning, Suffolk County police arrested a woman who, while traveling north on East Manor Drive (in Manorville), drove into the southbound lane and crashed into an oncoming pickup truck. Newsday reports that Ebony Herrera was "apparently driving drunk and high" on marijuana at the time—and her three-year-old daughter Johnnaisa Harvey was in the backseat. Herrera and the pickup's driver were treated and released for their injuries, but little Johnnaisa remains in critical condition with brain swelling after surgery. Herrera was arraigned yesterday and said, sobbing, "I'm really sorry what happened to my baby," and is being held on $250,000 bail. She was charged with child endangerment and DWI; she pleaded not guilty, though she reportedly told investigators she drank and smoked pot about an hour before the crash. Her daughter, who still hasn't regained consciousness, was transferred to Stony Brook Hospital.