Last month, a 33-year-old woman tossed her 19-month-old daughter into the cold Hudson River and then jumped in after her, in an apparent murder-suicide attempt. Now her lawyer is asking a judge to set Devi Silvia free and says she has been recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Onlookers on a pier near West 70th Street spotted Silvia and the baby, Jessica, in the water. They called for help and NYPD and FDNY boats were nearby and the pair were rescued. However, the Manhattan DA's office said last month that Silvia's intentions were sinister—"she was sad and lonely and angry at her husband, and that she did this horrific act on purpose. She made clear that she threw her baby into the freezing river in order to get back at her husband"—and she was charged with attempted murder, assault, reckless endangerment, and endangering the welfare of a child. Silvia's husband had moved the family, which also includes a 6-year-old daughter, to California, Chicago and NY for his job.

Sivia's lawyer Seema Iyer said that Silvia would be released to her husband and stay in their apartment while they children were with relatives in India. Iyer also failed to stop photographers from taking pictures of Silvia, in hopes of containing press coverage as much as possible, nothing, "We are extremely concerned that while the children are in India, they will absolutely 100 percent find out what has occurred here," and adding that the 6-year-old had no idea her baby sister was thrown into river by their mother.

According to the Post, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Lewis Stone "seemed amenable to setting Silvia free, telling the parties he thought Rikers Island seemed 'the least appropriate situation there is,' so long as she can get outpatient treatment for her newly diagnosed bi-polar disorder."