The Long Island mom who tried to engage an undercover cop to kill her husband couldn’t afford a full-priced hit, but she could throw down for a day at the spa. Susan Williams spent the hours before her arrest primping for her mug shot. The beautician who cut and colored her hair and did her eyebrows says she “got a lot of compliments” when the photo went public. During the prolonged appointment Jessica Zinman says the murderous mom talked about her kids and “dating, how hard it is to date." The hairdresser added that "we didn't ever talk about her husband

Williams was caught on camera handing $500 to the supposed killer for hire, reports the AP. The man was actually an undercover cop, who’d promised to do the job for the bargain price of $20,000. While she was giving payment she shared her thoughts with the officer, pondering whether she should attend the funeral, and “what expression she should have on her face when the police came to her door," according to Assistant Nassau DA Jane Zwirn-Turkin. "Lengthy discussions show that Susan Williams had thought this out," she said.