It's been a bad few months for toys—parents are pissed off about tattoo-covered Barbies and cursing dolls, to say nothing of the busty LEGOs that blew our minds last week—and the latest victim on the Toys 'R' Us hit list is...the little red wagon.

Yes, that's right, a Bronx mother is suing Toys 'R' Us because the $99 Radio Flyer "Pathfinder" she bought for her one-year-old daughter broke in the middle of a Bronx street. Alisa Speller claims the back wheel "popped off" on Walton Avenue—“I just flipped over it and fell on top of my daughter. It was my first time using it," she said. She's suing because she paid an extra $15 to have Toys 'R' Us employees assemble the wagon ahead of time, which they screwed up. You just can't trust a bored teenager with a minimum-wage job at a massive nationwide chain these days!

"If they charge people to assemble it, they should do it correctly,” said Speller's lawyer. She is seeking unspecified damages, though perhaps she should just be glad her daughter wasn't subject to a horrifying psychedelic boat trip in the store.