The mother of a high school boy who slept with his married "Horndog High" English teacher has followed through on her promise and sued the city and teacher for $10 million dollars. According to court papers the teacher "used the authority and power of her position to place the infant in a vulnerable position, betray his trust and engage in pedophilic conduct with him."

You remember the story of young Kevin Eng, right? At age 16 the 11th-grader got into an intense affair with 36-year-old James Madison High School English teacher Erin Sayar when the married mother-of-one was supposed to be tutoring him. Their relationship included late night SUV sexcapades (as well as school sex times), smoking Sayar's pot in the teacher's office, exchanging 3,856 text messages in 17 days, and Facebook messages like "I always loved you, since last year." And they would have gotten away with it, too, if Eng's girlfriend hadn't gotten suspicious and hacked into his Facebook account.

So now Eng's mom is suing in the hopes that cold hard cash will make up for her son's lost honor. After all, as far as she is concerned her baby boy has suffered severe distress and trauma after what court papers characterize as multiple instances of "sexual assault," as well as "molestation" and "false imprisonment."

In addition to the $10 million lawsuit, Sayar is facing statutory rape and a slew of other charges for which she was arraigned yesterday.