Another day, another round of disturbing revelations about Brooklyn Technical High School math and science teacher Sean Shaynak. The mother of one of Shaynak's alleged victims talked to the Post about her daughter's relationship with him, and said she was completely infatuated with the teacher. "She said, 'Isn’t he cute?' I said, 'Yes, he’s cute as a man.' She said, 'I kind of like him,'" the mom, who didn't want her identity revealed, recalled.

The daughter, who is one of Shaynak's seven alleged victims, is now a 19-year-old criminal-justice college student; the mom claims he sodomized her last year. Prosecutors added that he gave the girl perfect grades even when she turned in work with no answers. "I raised my children to trust people — but it looks like you can’t," the mom told the Post.

The mom said she was creeped out by Shaynak last year when she found him hanging out with her daughter and her bikini-clad friends on Coney Island. She said he purposefully was wearing loose-fitting shorts to show off his genitals: "The thing that surprised me was the way he laid on the beach. You could see...everything." He also kept talking about sex and his attraction to Russian women.

"He was talking about how beautiful Russian girls are and how sexy they are. It was scary," the woman said. "It was noticeable the way he looked at them and got excited, like he wants somebody, you could tell. When you see a girl and get horny — that’s what he was like."

Among other things, the 44-year-old Shaynak has been accused of having sex with underage students as young at 13, asking underage students to engage in lesbian sex with each other, taking an underage student to a nude beach and a sex club, texting students nude photographs and sending one student over 10,000 texts, all since October 2011.

Principal Randy Asher addressed nearly 200 parents at the school late this week after the story broke out: "As an educator, I'm horrified, I'm frustrated, and as a professional frankly disgusted"" he said. "As a parent of two children in New York City public schools, I am livid ... I've never seen such an egregious list of behaviors by a teacher. It bothers me personally, it bothers me professionally." He claims school officials only found out about the allegations after it came out in the press, which was sparked when Shaynak allegedly sent a teen a photo of his genitals and she told her parents.

DOE spokesperson Devora Kaye told us that, "The DOE has started the mandatory legal process to have Mr. Shaynak fired, and he’s already received a discontinuance notice. We are vigorously pursuing his termination."

"The judgment for him should be high, because it’s children...and it could affect them for the rest of their life. I don’t believe he will change," added the mother of the victim to the Post. "He should definitely go to prison for the rest of his life."