Whether they're doing your laundry or laundering your dirty money, Moms are the best! But sometimes moms get tired of all that laundry...and all that emotional laundering. Which is apparently what happened to mom Natasha Harrow, who is accused of abandoning her 8-year-old son Elijah on the Upper East Side with $4 in his pocket. "You always wanted me to go away," she told him, according to court papers. "I'll go away."

Cops say Elijah wandered around for about two hours alone on June 22nd until some good Samaritans saw him "standing forlornly" on First Avenue and E. 86th Street, and informed police. Natasha wasn't tracked down until almost two weeks later. When she was questioned by police this week, she admitted to leaving him, although she disputed the location: "No, I left him at 96th St. and Second Ave.," she said, according to court papers.

Natasha Harrow has been charged with abandonment of a child and endangering the welfare of a child. Elijah is being cared for by his grandmother in Brooklyn, according to the News.