A registered sex offender with 28 prior arrests was busted yet again this week for grinding against a woman on the subway.

Basam Syed, 35, was arrested on Tuesday after he allegedly rubbed up against a stranger on a northbound 4 train. Police said he was charged with "persistent sexual abuse;" he could face up to four years in prison.

This arrests comes on the one year anniversary of Syed's being found guilty of rubbing his genitals against the buttocks of a 32-year-old woman riding the 6 train in 2012. Syed was captured on video fleeing from police by jumping onto the subway tracks at the 68th Street station.

He has previously been arrested for drug charges, assaulting a girlfriend, burglary, and according to the News, "tongue-kissing a 4-year-old boy."

Syed's mother had a difference perspective on the arrest. The News writes:

But his mom insisted Friday that her oft-arrested offspring is only looking for the right woman. “It’s not easy to find a wife and have kids,” she declared outside their Queens home. “She has to be a Pakistani. She has to be a Muslim girl.”

"He doesn’t need help," she added. "Nothing is wrong with him."