The Jets and Browns played a very long, very suspenseful game of football on Sunday that the Jets narrowly won with less than thirty seconds remaining in OT. It seems as though maybe some of those "nameless, faceless objects" that are Browns fans didn't exactly take the loss so well: a mother alleges that her 8-year-old son was tackled by an adult Browns fan after the game. “As [my husband] was walking, holding my son’s hand, a guy from behind tackled him. A drunken Browns fan tackled him and pulled him out of his dad’s hand. He was on the ground crying,” the mother, Danielle, told WEWS-TV. (You can see the whole report below)

Danielle said that her son went to the game with his father, who was born in NY, in a Jets jersey. There were no hostilities during the game, but after the loss, she claims that things got out of control: "[Browns fans were] calling him a bad word, to my husband and to my son, throwing food at them." The boy was left with a scraped and bruised ankle, but her husband didn't call police, instead quickly getting him into the car to leave. Unfortunately, the boy might have been scarred from going to another football game: “My husband asked him, ‘Did you have a good time?’ He said ‘Yes.” He said ‘Would you want to go back sometime?’ And he said ‘No, I don’t like Browns Stadium.’ Who could blame him?" Try going to a game at the New Meadowlands Stadium next time kid: as long as you're not Brett Favre, the worst thing that'll happen to you is getting stuck on I-95 for five hours after the game.