The family of the Brooklyn man who has been accused of kidnapping and torturing his girlfriend in his Bedford-Stuyvesant apartment for over a month continued to publicly defend him today. Anthony Matthews, 31, allegedly kidnapped his 26-year-old girlfriend and kept her locked up in his apartment for 31 days while torturing her in various ways—but Matthews mother, Cheryl Ebberhart, insisted to the News that the girlfriend confessed that her injuries were self-inflicted: “She said she had gotten into some bad stuff,” Ebberhart said. “She was back into prostituting on craigslist and she met a guy. She said her leg was hurt, that she burned herself with an iron.”

According to police, Matthews threatened to kill the woman and her family if she tried to escape his Bed-Stuy apartment. They allege that he beat the woman with a large piece of wood, repeatedly burned her genitalia and legs with a heated-up screwdriver, and broke her teeth with a handgun. But Ebberhart is sure that she's lying: “She lied because she doesn’t want her family to know she’s back into prostituting,” Ebberhart said. “My son just got out of jail. He’s an easy target...She’s ruining my son’s life.”

The woman ended up suffering broken ribs, a broken nose, spinal damage, and assorted burns; in addition, she had lost half her blood supply, and she had a leg wound that exposed bone. Matthews, who faces life in prison for the torture, spent 11 years in prison for an assault conviction, and was turned down for parole four times. In 2009, the parole board wrote: “If released at this time there is a reasonable probability you would not live and remain at liberty without violating the law. Your release is incompatible with the welfare and safety of the community.”

Ebberhart's comments echo that of Matthew's sister, who also claimed the woman had admitted to getting her injuries through prostitution, and “thought by her doing this, it would make him feel sorry for her and now he’s in jail." She also called her brother a "loving and playful person."