The Staten Island Advance reports that the woman accused of fatally beating her 10-year-old son had "defied a judge's order by not allowing the boy's father to visit for nearly three years." Melissa Sekulski was arrested on Saturday after her son Jaquan's death (he was brutally beaten on Friday, but prosecutors say he was abused for much of his life). Yesterday, a family court judge revealed she was a no-show for five court hearings between July 2005 and June 2008 about Jaquan's father's request for visitation (a warrant had been issued in August 2005). Investigators are also looking into whether Jaquan's beating took place in Brooklyn or Staten Island. Currently the S.I.'s DA's office is handling the case and her S.I. neighbors said Sekulski was crying, "My son, my son, pray for me ... He's obese!" on Friday night (Jaquan 250 pounds). According to the Daily News, Sekulski "said her son was too fat for school - she could do a better job with him at home," so she home-schooled him, and the Post reports that Sekulski's family blames her abusive behavior on a controlling "lesbian lover who didn't want anyone to come between them."