Yesterday, Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro was upset and outraged that the 9/11 Memorial, Postcards, on the St. George Esplande, was vandalized, with five of its plaques missing. It was especially upsetting but the memorial had been damaged twice before. But Molinaro found out the memorial was actually being...repaired. And given his interview with NY1, it seems like he started the vandalism rumor!

"There were five profiles missing from the 274 that we have. I assumed it wrongfully. From the condition that they were in, it appeared they had been pulled off. So I went back to my office and said there were five that had been vandalized. Then the rumor got out that they were vandalized and it just rolled by itself. Then this morning, I was told by EDC that they were not vandalized, they were cracked from the wear and tear and they were just being prepped and they were making new ones and they removed those five so they could put the five new ones back in place."

Some relatives of 9/11 victims were worried out by the initial news that they headed to the memorial to see if the plaque for their loved one was harmed. One said, "To do something like this, it's like all over again. With September 11th coming, it's very hard. And to have this, the pain never ends. It never, ever ends." Another said, "It's nice to know that it was an intentional thing, that they are repairing it. But they should let people know what they're doing."