Earlier today, Brooklyn Based tweeted a single, despondent line: "Moe's Bar in Fort Greene is closing in February." The folks at Brooklyn Based heard the news via a Facebook message sent to fans of the bar's page, which has produced several comments of customers' despair on Moe's wall. When we called, a man who identified himself as Sec told us he wasn't "at liberty to disclose Moe's plans as of now." But minutes later Ruby Lawrence, one of the bar's owners, posted this conclusive answer: "Our lease is up and we can't afford the outrageous rent increase."

Gothamist will mourn the loss of this Fort Greene standby, where happiness was always just a flaming Moe away, and the diverse crowd kept the place equal parts laid back and off-beat. But we fear poor Barney Gumble's going to take this even harder.