It may not be sweeps months, but WCBS 2 had a segment about a 12-week tiger cub who got a CT scan at a Long Island animal hospital. It's way easier on the eyes than the "woman who had a coat rack stuck in her face" story.

Simba, a Siberian tiger at an Ohio zoo, was going to be put to sleep because she had a very bad sense of balance and could possibly have a tumor. Animal lover Larry Wallach flew her to the New York Veterinarian Specialty Center in Farmingdale, where doctors discovered that she did not have a tumor - it was just a really bad ear infection! Cute animal + happy ending = aw's all around, plus a chance for a reporter to feed a baby tiger by bottle (pictured below).


And Wallach, a "former SPCA wildlife officer and a successful businessman" who has helped rescue other exotic animals, has been involved with New York City's most famous tiger incident: He assisted police when they removed Ming, the 400-500 pound Bengal tiger being kept in a Harlem apartment.