A model had her arm cut open during a large brawl at the swanky Trump SoHo Hotel early Wednesday morning, leaving a pool of blood in the lobby. Sarah Bledsoe, a 21-year-old model, had her arm slashed when a fight that started outside of nightclub The Spot spilled over to the lobby of the chic hotel lobby. Five to seven people were involved in the fight, all of whom fled the scene before police arrived.

Bledsoe's arm was cut open by a unidentified sharp object. The Santa Fe native was rushed to Beth Israel Hospital, where she received five stitches.

The fight happened only a block south of the infamous Drake vs. Chris Brown fracas, which left Tony Parker upset.

A chef at the Trump SoHo told DNAinfo that the lobby bathroom was filled with blood. Bledsoe reported the assault to police after being released from the hospital early Wednesday morning.