A little tidbit about our favorite teacher ass-tapping, teen model turned bodega robber, Joshua Walter. Now even though the 20-year-old runway model has confessed to holding up a number stores since June, the Post says he "was soon blubbering like a baby that he was afraid of what might happen to him behind bars," according to police sources. Well, if inmates at Rikers knew enough about alleged Starbucks bomber and Fight Club fan Kyle Shaw to punch Shaw in the face, we can—thanks to Oz—imagine what will happen to Walter. The Post adds that Walter's romance with his 17-years-his-senior girlfriend, Gina Salamino, "fizzled" but the Daily News suggested they were still living together. The News also reports today that he pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct for beating her up in May! Anyway, Walter and his accomplices are awaiting arraignment.