Money may not be able to buy you love, but the promise of love may lure you into shelling out some of that cash on a luxury condo? Realtors! They're so crazy. According to the Real Deal, the folks behind 184 Kent in Williamsburg will soon be "hitting the streets of the Lower East Side in a van, looking to take well-to-do hipsters to the Brooklyn waterfront. They won't actually be driving them there. But the idea is to troll for arty, young Lower East Side-type professionals where they live and hang out." Strange vans are the perfect way to approach people whose money you want, we agree. This one will be adorned with fake advertisements for "WilliamsburgLove" (a mock dating site which even has video), and position itself outside of clubs; with this tactic they said they think they'll have the building fully leased in 8 to 10 months (that's 350 units). [via Curbed]