2005_05_mobviagra.jpgSometimes, there are those stories make you think, "God, we live in a really weird world." Or, at least, that's what Gothamist thought when we heard that a few Westchester doctors had been giving mobsters Viagra and other prescription drugs in return for "car repair, home construction, and a seat at Rao's." Wow, that's what you need to get into Rao's - a medical degree and knowing who to give prescriptions to? Hmm. Those wily Gambinos, trying to use everything at their disposal to get their precious drugs. Other drugs they sought: Lipitor (mobsters have to watch their cholesterol), Celebrex, Vioxx and Percocet (they have lots of pain, too). Even better is how the mobsters starting to refer their colleagues to the doctors for more off-the-books business.

Now, the Law & Order episode would be there's a murdered doctor and the detectives think it's a crime family boss who is upset he stopped getting illegal prescriptions. But actually the murdered doctor was

The complaint also charges that the defendants also provided boxes of other drugs such as