The mafia associate accused of macing and mugging a Craigslist seller in a botched jewelry heist claims that he's the one who got roughed up. Gerald DeGerolamo, 65, told the Post that when he attempted to purchase an engagement ring from David Cushman on Dec. 26, the seller broke his nose, left him with a gash on his head, and sprayed him with mace. "I'm innocent. Completely innocent," said DeGerolamo, who appeared in court with bandages across his nose and forehead. "I had to have my eyes flushed at the hospital."

According to investigators, when the Luchese crime family associate met Cushman on Christopher Street in the West Village, he grabbed the ring and sprayed the seller in the face with the irritant. An onlooker alerted police, who nabbed the mobster. DeGerolamo — who has a interesting criminal record involving an attempted armored car heist in which he hid a very short accomplice inside a crate supposedly filled with precious works of art — is being held in lieu of $25,000 bond, according to the tabloid.