John Gotti's former son-in-law, Carmine "The Bull" Agnello, has come a long way since serving time for racketeering. He was pulled over in Cleveland for blowing past a stop sign recently, and allegedly began yelling at the park ranger; "You're Italian and you're going to give me a ticket?" Things got worse when the ranger asked his weight, since New York IDs don't list the driver's weight but Ohio IDs do. Agnello allegedly took that as an insult to his figure, and according to court papers filed in Brooklyn Federal Court told the ranger, "You should be killed."

Agnello, who is currently on probation, claims that he did run the stop sign but denies making any threats. His probation officer said, "He felt insulted... as if she was implying he was overweight." Well somebody's a tad insecure. Federal Judge Nina Gershon said the incident did not amount to a probation violation, and a defense attorney said, "But for the fact of who Carmine was, this would and should be a nonstory." He clearly forgot that having relatives on a reality TV show makes him worthy of our undivided attention.