A 65-year-old Mafia associate is accused of arranging to meet a man who was selling an engagement ring on Craiglist — then spraying the man in the face with mace. According to the Post, mobster Gerald DeGerolamo responded to an ad for a ring posted by victim David Cushman and agreed to meet on Dec. 26 in front of 125 Christopher Street. When Cushman pulled out the ring, the suspect grabbed it and sprayed him with the irritant. An onlooker alerted cops, who nabbed the DeGerolamo.

This isn't DeGerolamo's first arrest — nor is it his most interesting. After escaping from a federal prison in 1992, he orchestrated a "Trojan horse scheme" in which he hid a very short accomplice in a crate that was allegedly filled with "priceless art" and had it delivered to an armored car company's vault. Once inside the vault, the tiny thief buried himself beneath as much cash as he could fit in the crate, according to the tabloid. The perp actually packed the box with so much cash that the FBI agents who busted the plot couldn't find him at first.

Since being released from prison again in 2003, police sources say that DeGerolamo's new crimes aren't nearly as interesting as his old ones. "He went from the creative to the mundane," a law enforcement source told the tabloid.