The on-demand economy has permeated all parts of our lives, from taxi options to food to people who'll come and fix a lightbulb for you because your weak millennial brain doesn't understand how to do that. Oh, and also drug dealing. So while the news that some drug dealers got busted allegedly posing as Uber drivers isn't a huge shock, it is a little surprising they didn't just think to moonlight as actual Uber drivers while doing so.

The Post reports that four people were arrested yesterday, and two more people last week, in what Uber executives are no doubt pleased to hear was called "Operation Uber Connect" by the DEA. The operation was named as such because dealers allegedly put Uber stickers in their windshields in order to blend in while waiting for consumers to get in their cars and pick up cocaine and heroin.

The Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor for the City of New York said that the drug dealing operation had about 100 customers, ABC 7 reports. In addition to the arrests, ABC reports that anti-drug authorities seized one kilo of coke, five cars and $22,678 in cash.