2006_05_kreischer.jpgThere are a couple articles about a year-old mob murder today, and why not? It happened at the Kreischer Mansion in the Charlestown section of Staten Island. Bonanno associate Robert McKelvey was killed by other Bonanno family associates over a "bad debt" after being lured to the house by the groundskeeper and mob associate Joseph "Joe Black" Young. The NY Times notes the crime is unusual because Young is black, as mob associates of color are pretty rare (in fact, another one of the accomplices is Hispanic). McKelvey was strangled, stabbed, then drowned in "an ornamental pool surrounded by flower beds, elaborate brickwork and 1.3 acres of manicured lawn" - allegedly under orders and a $8000 bounty from Gino Galestro, McKelvey's boss in the Bonanno family. Naturally, the Post's article doesn't mention how Galestro was a former NY Post driver. Anyway, Young and his crew cut up McKelvey's body and burned it in the furnace. And when investigators tried to find the furnace, they found out it had been replaced because the owners are in the process of making the mansion an assisted-living facility! Galestro and Young are charged with murder for hire, which can mean the death penalty.

The Kreischer Mansion was built by one of Staten Island's biggest families. The Kreischers operated a brick factory (which supplied much of the community) in the 19th centuary and built the mansion. And it's spooky because two houses had been built (one for the father and one for the son) but then one burned down with Kreischer's son and his wife in it after a father-son argument. The Daily News says the mansion will still be converted into a senior citizens facility.

Photograph of Kreischer bricks by Kevin Walsh from Forgotten NY, which has a nice explanation of the Kreischers and another big family, the Steinways (of the pianos, yes)