Looks like jobs are up in the city - the only catch being the jobs are mob jobs. The Post notes that a confidential FBI report says that there are 651 "made men" in the city ("Defections and deaths had whittled the wiseguy ranks to a low of 570 by January 2001"), mostly with the Gambinos and Bonanos shoring up their ranks. More mob guys are coming from out-of-state (how does New York feel about this loss of job source) and out-of-country (dop they have work visas?), and working out-of-state, like acting boss Arnold "The Beast" Squitieri in NJ and underboss Anthony "Tony Connecticut" Megale.

Gothamist loves how names like that really exist in the mob world, and it reminds us of Goodfellas, the episode of Saturday Night Live Joe Pesci hosted, and Animaniacs' Goodfeathers. And the new season of The Sopranos begins March 7.