Early yesterday morning, a Staten Island man was fatally gunned down in the Arden Heights section. The Staten Island Advance reports, "He tried to run across the street but couldn't dodge the lethal shower of lead -- seven shots, at least," and it turns out that Anthony Seccafico, 46, was a part of the Bonanno crime family. Seccafico, who was headed to his construction job in Manhattan, "had been arrested a number of times dating to the early 1980s, and in 2002 was among 20 people arrested in a sweep of a Bonanno gambling and loansharking operation in Manhattan." The Post says that Seccafico may have recognized his killer—"Killing a made man is historically forbidden in the Mafia unless it is sanctioned by higher-ups in the family, sparking fears that a gang war may erupt." A Post source referred to Seccafico as being a "head case" with a "short fuse," adding, "There's always a guy you're not surprised [gets killed]."