Yesterday we marveled at some of the nicknames of the mobsters picked up in the FBI's huge sweep ("Nooch," "Junior Lollipops," "Vinny Carwash," to name a few). So when we saw the above straight-out-of-central-casting photo we immediately wondered which what this guy's nickname was. Was he "Beach?" "Baby Fat?" "Jello?" Maybe "Little Angelo?" The answer, however, was almost disappointingly obvious. The man you see before you is John Hartmann, 41, of Kenilworth, NJ, and he is also known as "Fats," "Fatty," and "Lumpy."

According to court papers Hartmann is being charged with helping run an illegal gambling business. And don't worry gentle commenters, we are on the lookout for any photos of Anthony Cavezza, AKA "Tony Bagels" (possibly this is him?).