If you think New York City is too crowded, Gothamist has some bad news for you. The Census Bureau has revised our fair city's population, increasing it by 29,393 people. The new figure stands at 8,115,135, but the good news is that city coffers should gain $15 million over the next five years because of the increase. Okay, that's only $510 per person, but that's better than losing people like DC did, no? The revised numbers were in Queens and Brooklyn with 18,752 and 10,641 people added respectively.

For some reason, this reminds us about The Simpsons episode, The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson (4F22), where Bart yells from the Statue of Liberty to a boat full of immigrants that the country is full. New York City is obviously not full, and Gothamist welcomes the newcomers with open arms. Now give us some of that money.