The Daily News has the exclusive: The MTA cannot implement more robot trains, aka the OPTO One Person Traion Operation! It's not technology that's stopping them - it's the fact that the transit workers union would need to approve additional OPTO trains along different lines. And that seems unlikely, since the union wanted at least two workers to be on the trains in case of an emergency. (Which makes sense!) The MTA had been trying to put more robot train service on the L and G, but the union managed to limit that to weekends and late evenings. It also looks like plans for "conductorless trains" on the J, 7, and N won't happen. There is OPTO service on "small shuttles or line segments," but NYC Transit Authority President Larry Reuter says, "The future expansion of OPTO takes negotiations with the union and at this point those negotiations are on hold." Now, it's just a matter having enough trains along those lines.

Last year, when OPTO service began on the L, the MTA explained, "One-Person Trains are already operating successfully on the G, Dyre Avenue 5 Shuttle, the Rockaway Park Shuttle, and in Chicago, Philadelphia, Paris and London."